Men Services

Mens Haircut


We have haircuts to suit every man’s needs ! no matter what your morning time scale is be it 20 mins for the perfect “pompadour” or 5 minutes “French Crop Fade”. We’ve also included step by step Styling Tips & Hacks, Inc Latest Products.

Mens Coloring


Gray hair creeps up on you — sometimes literally. From the art of Grey Blending or the fashionable translucent color, Be bold and choose Avihair! We care about our clients and to show just hwo much so we carry the industry most leading hair colors and gloss!

Mens Threading


Using organic Thread from India we are sure your eyebrows will not only look its best but the quality of your skin stay in tact.

Bro-Zillian wax


Male Brazilian/Hollywood wax

This is a full intimate wax for men removing all hair from the private frontal area, buttocks (if required) and butt cleavage. The hair on the pubic triangle can be either removed or shaped and trimmed as per your preference. Non-strip (hot) wax is used sensitive area while strop wax is used out the outer areas.

Mens Back / chest wax


This is a full neck back, shoulder and back wax. The chest wax does not include the stomach area, if you require the chest and stomach be sure to tell us in advance as we may need to prepare a different type of wax for different areas.


The term ‘manscaping’ conjures up all sorts of impressions and it can be slightly confusing as to what it actually means.....

So let’s start with an official definition. Google states that manscaping is “the removal or trimming of hair on a man's body for cosmetic effect.”
We like to keep it simple here guys ...
Currently we offer two types of temporary hair removal : waxing and manscaping!

So for us, manscaping is the trimming of the body hair to reduce the overall length and to improve the appearance and give a much more ‘groomed’ look to the area. Some clients that are particularly hairy don’t necessarily want to remove all the hair in all of the areas so manscaping is often a popular choice for legs, arms and the chest. 

So just to clarify it’s not waxing we use clippers and we’ll reduce the hair length to the desired length for the client. Some guys like it taken down to zero whilst others often want a more sculpted look with various hair lengths to define abs and show off muscle definition.

For clients with very sensitive skin who find that waxing doesn’t work for them then manscaping is a much better option.

One of our most popular waxing combos is our back waxing treatment with the chest and Bro-zillion!